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    91.) Yeah, I’m engaged. Sorry it took you so long to remember me. But now, I have someone better! Fuck you, S**! :) Oh, and have a nice REST OF YOUR LIFE!

    90.) I pictured Christmas. You and me together at your house. I was sleeping there for the night, on the couch of course. Our parents were fine with it. They trusted us. You came down the stairs at about midnight to get a glass of water thinking I would be asleep already. I wasn’t. So you sat down and I put my head in your lap and we talked until I was to tired to keep my eyes open. You stayed there for about another 10 minutes, thinking that I was asleep. Your dad came down the stairs. He mumbled something about me and you said “Dad. I wouldn’t hurt her. I love her” I wasn’t sleep when you said that. I love you too. To bad it was just a day dream. I cried when I realized that’s only what it was. My imagination.

    3 09.29.10

    89.) We are going to the same concert next Thursday. I’m so happy, even when I know we aren’t going together, we’re going to be near.

    1 09.28.10

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    88.) I know what they say behind my back, slut, whore, bitch. And one day you’ll all realize I’m just a girl trying to be loved.

    2 09.28.10

    87.) My first secret submitted was secret #33. And now, here’s an update. I found out today that he likes someone. The girl he likes, I figured he liked her because it seemed too obvious. I confronted him and one of my friends got upset because he didn’t tell us first. But honestly, I was okay that he actually confessed to liking someone! And he’s a great friend too. How I found out? I was talking to a friend about the guy I planned on asking to hoco. And she thought I was asking about him, haha.

    86.) I will tell you I love you one day. I don’t know when or how, but I will. I hope things turn out good. Until then I’m stuck as just your “best friend”; the weird girl who skips down the hallways and does what she pleases, who doesn’t care what others think and knows she’s called a bitch, slut, and fat whore behind her back. All I can hope for is that maybe you love me too, and I hope desperately for that everyday.

    2 09.28.10

    85.) I wish that he would just kiss me. But the truth is I just don’t think he likes me, because love doesn’t come in XL.

    84.) One of these days, I’m going to let go of my ego and tough shell and just freak out. I kind of want that to happen now, just to see who my real friends are.

    2 09.27.10

    83.) If every single of my 11:11 wishes came true, I would have the guy of my dreams. He’s all I’ve wanted for six years.